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Character Challenge - Day 17

This character would never exist if I wasn't doing this challenge.

manga sketch

Of course, the process of creating a character takes more than one hour or two like I do each day this month, but we gotta start somewhere right?

manga lineart

Character Design is far from being easy, and you can work on a character a little bit each day, improving it in the long term.

This kind of challenge is good to know your limits, like for my case I can't come up with a new full body pose each day, it would take me to much time.. But I'm sure that with practives and learning it can be possible.

The end goal is to be able to draw a manga with little or no reference, and draw my characters in any pose I want. Don't worry, there will be drawing tutorials after this challenge.

Just 13 days to go!

Ryo Sensei


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